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Lucifer gave birth to Satan unwillingly;
An unplanned pregnancy.
An accident.
There was no guidance for a teenage father,
Nobody to harbor him in his time of need,
Not even a manger to rest in
Or donkey to carry him in his fatigue.

Unlike Mary,
God didn’t want the creature coming from this angel’s loins
Borne of such a strong emotion
Created a bauble of organs and feathers
And God must’ve been mad
Soon he kicked out his own kids
So much for heavenly love, right?

You all think you’re saints,
But you probably wouldn’t give shelter to a pregnant teen
And their loved ones
During the rainstorm, when it’s cold and dark
No matter how much you pray
No matter how many riches you give
You’re all the same

He probably would’ve had the child even if he wasn’t upset
Who can say they had enough inside of them
To make something on their own
Except for Lucifer?