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Apocryphal Adoration

I've shed much blood in this world. Stained
it red with my tribulations, with all I've fought
when I fought with everything I had, and I didn't
have much except my own skin.
I looked for salvation around the corner, thinking
surely no one would wish to nurse me.
But no--there he was,
bold in his convictions, his voice of affirmation,
it comforted me. Thus, I followed.

When I was lost, that shepherd would guide me
back on the right path,
a path of a bloodless revolution, a path of
overthrowing what a pitiful legal system was in place,
to slot in justice. I admire him,
from single-eyed head to steeled toe,
yes, I admit--I was enamoured.
But who was I to take him up? I rose
the ranks. I did as I was asked,
went above and beyond, soon near to his left hand.
I proposed it. He rejected, softly.
Why, I wondered? Curiosity kills--I dug
and I dug and I kept digging until my nails
were red with clay from the ground, and there she was,
radiant and hidden, like a gemstone in a safe. Oh, you still loved her,
and she still lived, away from you, away from war.

Heart in pieces, I tore away, but only for
so long. I sacrificed myself for you
that day despite everything, the bullets
piercing my skin hurt far less than learning
you were already spoken for.
In another life, let us meet,
let us be together, if you'll ever permit it,
my dragon.