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Dream of My Own Advice

I know a girl who's slept a thousand years
When she woke up, she was gorgeous--
I mean, the snow white hair, the brooch of silver.
I'd tell her she's beautiful but
I was also in an affair with her dad and her mom some time ago so
I think it'd be wrong.

But isn't that the dream?
To sleep for so long, to wake up unchanged.
You don't have to change. Everyone around you does.
Generations have come and gone, ecosystems have shaped
And your childhood home has been torn down and replaced
With a beautiful corporate building.
We're on the moon, looking down.
The air's nothing but we're everything.

Besides, the girl'd never love a guy like me.
I'm twitchy and nervous and I haven't got a clue
As to why the Earth looks red now or why
We've got senile folks here but the next youth too.
I can't answer a single damn question. I got
Straight A's last year, which was probably last winter,
Which was probably last 50 years or something.

When I die and my dust falls back to the home planet,
I hope my favorite superhero breathes me in
And I become a lasting part of his respiratory environment.
I'll cause that ugly itching cough that he can never get out,
I'll finally be a part of something much bigger than me.
What? The girl? Yeah, she's waking up--
Watch out, whatever you say to her, to anyone,
You can't take it back.
You'll lose the opportunity.