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The Childhood Best Friend Always Takes Precedence

They knew each other as kids on the playground.
It maybe wasn't love at first--
Probably just friendship or something.
But they knew each other.
They probably split because of outside sources (the
World is terribly unfair to children) and
Met up again as adults.

Maybe exchanged letters.
Or went across the world.
Or cried and cried.
Either way, when some new chump steps into their life or lives
Sure, they could be fancy,
They could have it all--or even nothing at all,
But nothing ever compares to that childhood lover.

Nothing compares to the first fantasy of a fleeting kiss.
Nothing compares to a wayward hand stroke.
You will never be his.
You will never be hers.
You will never be theirs.
This pair's existence will never hinge on you,
And whilst you hunger for something more
In your pitiful, non-Cinderella life,
They will be smiling for the camera.
White picket fences.
The gleeful giggles of children.
A front yard full of flowers.
A promise till death do they part.

Watch your wings wither
Behind a rusted door, latched tight;
You will never be the one.