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Lessons: Gang & Spontaneity

If this is how it’s meant to be
Running in the rain
Hands gripped tight
Chased down like rabbits in the night
You say it wasn’t meant to be this way
I say it’s okay if it’s this way
We grab a car ride from your best friend
You hold me in the back seat
I tell you I’m not a woman
I’m not some damsel in distress
I’m a man just like you
And you reply, I already know
You told me your name, you have the air of a man
This is the way I protect my friends
The word friend echoes in my mind

Day passes
Night passes
Hotel room, your place burnt down
It’s me and you
Why are we here? Who are we?
Who am I? Who are you?
Questions need no answering
If it happens, it happens
We jumped in without regard for anything else
Something needed in your life
That fired shot after shot of violence
Into your battered flesh
Colored with bruises and tattoos
I love it all the same