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Untitled [Maya Fey Slam Poetry]

This smile, hiding a wavering tear
A truly cruel thing it is
My sister's gone and nobody will survive
The nuclear explosion that I am instating

My heart's full of teeth and as such
Every time it beats they grind
Oh all they do is make a mess
Extract them from my chest tonight!

And this family name I bear
It's hungry for another female sacrifice
And I guess I fit the bill with my beautiful bod
My sister was swift but she got caught

Maybe that's the irony of all of this shit
Is no matter where we went, us Feys got hit
From case to case we begged for salvation
But it's like a steel cage in the Khura'in Nation
And I'm a flightless bird, not like a Phoenix
And that shiny Pearl is their next hope, they mean it
There's no Apollo or Athena to strike them down,
No Trucy to be made for the better of the town--
We're just like ants crawling in the earth
Where the cycle of death is the cycle of birth
And the river runs red with virgin psychic blood
I'll desecrate this flower--I'll kill it from the bud.