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One Night

You could make me sleep outside forever
In the cold and the rain
Or you could drag me across the floor
By my collar and nape
No matter what, just let me in for one night--
One night is all I ask--
And I can wait forever for that one night.

There's only one person I'd wait for like this,
And it's not but for you, my most respected,
My most beloved. "My bunny."

Yeah, I'm a bit of a drag and I can be a lot to handle
That's how it was, is, and always will be
And whoever can live with that can live with me
I'm fine with being battered and bruised,
I'm OK if you hate me deep down, really I am
I only ask for one night that you take me inside

Some of my moves end me up keeping secrets
And I can't tell anybody about where I've been like a bad affair
But I'm fine with it, truly, I had one holy night
One night I'll keep treasured forever, and maybe you will too?

The moon drips down on my nose.
I shiver with the approaching dark and cold.
But inside my chest, something glows warm--
That illusion of one night--
And I feel just fine as the light fades from my eyes.