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Conversations with the Woman You're Not Supposed to Fall For

Hello, &
Good morning, &
Good night.
How are you? Oh, I'm well.
And you? I'm fine myself.

Curry for dinner.
Like always? Like always.
You know, I never really had curry
before I came here. It wasn't in my diet.
Oh, is that so? Well, I'll make it extra special for you.

It's been getting harder to sleep at night.
Why? I'm constantly racked with nightmares.
Has it always been like this? Well, yes and no.
It really started when I was a teenager.
I'll make you some tea. Wait, I don't like--
She's already gone.
I put in some honey. Thank you.
(It was the first cup of tea I finished.)

Running this troupe is a lot of work.
Yeah, but the guys here are so great. It makes
all of the struggles we go through worth it.
They're all here because of you, you know.
Really? Me? Yes, you.
(Your beauty, your charm, your strength
would draw anyone to you.) You're persuasive.
That's a compliment? Yes, it is.

Hello, &
Where are you going? With my luck,
far, far from here. Migrating.
Why are you leaving? I need to get away.
I need to make my escape.
(She hasn't trapped me here. I was
supposed to be in love with one of the
palatable adult men. I was supposed
to fall and marry one of them. Live a
quiet life. The little girl inside of me demanded so.)
Do you have to go right away?

Good morning.
I made you breakfast. With tea.
You know, I never liked tea before.
Before you made it for me.
Yes. Will you keep drinking it when you leave?
Probably not. I've tried many times to make
that tea on my own and it never comes out good.
I wish I could've taught you how to make it.
Well, it's alright.
(I wasn't supposed to--
I wasn't supposed to fall for her.
I fell off the rails. I went tumbling down
the great cliff of life, onto jagged rock below.
What a fool I've been.) So.
I'm leaving tonight.
I know. Are you crying? Please, don't cry over me.
It's hard not to, after the way you've touched me.
I never laid a hand on you. Oh, nevermind.
(I was never meant to fall in love.)