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His Love

His love is destructive. It's killing me and I was never meant to be a bride, but I'm ready to belong somewhere, even in a pit I can't escape. Like crabs in a bucket that pull each other down. We'll all rot here, together. Isn't that lovely? Wouldn't you want to die like that?

I wish I had a brother. Someone to share that kind of deep bond with. Nights of tossing and turning lulled to sleep by someone who knows me deeper than God or my mother. It’s different when you’re not related. It’s different when your blood comes from two different lines.

I still don’t understand why someone would choose me over her, when she’s me but with all the feminine beauty I could never hold in myself. Why would you pick me? Look at her, look at my beautiful sister Catalina. With flowing locks of amber hair, eyes of hazel and temptation. Her way with a sword is unmatched. We have been bonded ever since we met. Why is it me who has to be wed off? I wish this sin on nobody. Never on my sister. But she deserves only the best.