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Tenmyouji's √Čtude

Decapitated heads and dismembered bodies--I've seen it all before, mind you--honestly, it's not a new sight at all. So, horseless head, if you can hear me from beyond, here's an account of what happened when I found you.
  1. I screamed at your girlfriend.
  2. She screamed at me.
  3. The other guy screamed at both of us.
  4. I felt all of my emotions wrap around the world five times over and choke out the Earth like Orion's mighty belt.
  5. We picked up the bloody axe and chainsaw.
  6. I watched helplessly as everything went to chaos and your girlfriend and the other guy chopped each other to bits.
Now, I'm not sure who killed you--if it was even one of us--but I didn't forget your ring. I got it right here in my pocket, so I promise not to lose it.

Not as if it matters anymore considering the one you wished to give it to is now dead, but I consider it a memento. Remember that we all must die.

Here's an account of six more things that happened after the bloody destiny.
  1. JUMP.
  2. JUNE.
  3. FIGHT.
  4. BIRD.
  5. TWIN.
  6. MILK.
It's funny, you know? I'm going to walk out of here with three complete strangers. Well, not strangers. One is a killer, one is a kid, one is a canary. And they may not even make it. They might start attacking each other before we make it out.

Seriously, I might end up the only survivor. Oh, three more things.
  1. VIRGIN.
  2. BANG.
  3. BYE.
I'll keep this ring. I'll keep these bloody clothes. I'll leave. I wish he had said blue. We all do.