Look at me I'm so fancy I make custom play scripts in the format of a game I like whatever... this is where I'm going to store A3! related goods.

Please understand that these stories, and other related materials, are written from an "outside perspective"--meaning, even though the character referred to as Jason is a reflection of my own self, it is explored as if I, the author of these pages, am an entirely different person.

Unless writing in a first person perspective, I will not be using I, me, and other first person pronouns to refer to this character.

Related materials are written in a fashion that the content within is fully compliant with the world it resides in, meaning there may be details, characters, plots, and other information that does not fully correlate with A3!; these are added in by me, the author, and are not meant to be taken as canon to the media that LIBER Entertainment has created.

No copyright claim is intended for characters, locations, plot points, and other information that LIBER Entertainment owns. I only claim the content I have written myself.

With all of that out of the way...


Maestro Dismissal

What would happen if the prospective maestro Jason Fengo were to leave Mankai Company? Here are all of the company's emotions, revealed.