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Maestro Dismissal

SAKUYA: Fengo-shiki1, I… I wanted to thank you for always caring for us! Even when things got rough, you were there… One day, though, I hope when I return to the stage, you’ll be there at my side. Promise me, you’ll be there, Shikisha2…?
MASUMI: Jason-shiki, I know we butted heads a lot, but… …I guess I learned a few things from you. If you get with Izumi, though, you better treat her right, or else, I’ll… I’ll… Well, I don’t think you’d hurt her. I… trust you.
TSUZURU: You’re moving on… I truly appreciate all of the times you came to proofread for me. And you taught me how to use semicolons; you did way better than any of my Literary teachers did. You’ll be back, though, right…?
ITARU: I didn’t realize I could have a pro FPS rival right here in Mankai. Hey, we traded all of our gamertags, right? Yeah, we did. You know, you can visit if you wanna borrow a game–but it comes at a cost. One more round. Come on, Shiki.
CITRON: Season-san3, don’t go just yet! You’ve done so much for all of us… and accepted me, even with all of my word bubbles! I’ll be dedicating a marble piano to you back in Zahra… make sure you visit to play me a song.
CHIKAGE: Hm, you’re going…? I thought you’d stay forever, honestly, with how you look around Director. Ha ha, just kidding. Keep an eye on the Dragon4, alright? And drop in if you have any more “secrets” you have to tell… I’ll keep it locked tight.

TENMA: Hm, I really liked the plays you put me in… I felt like I was pushed to show some emotions I hadn’t really shown before. That’s what a good director does, but you’re just some vocal coach… You should consider having your own theater troupe, but I think Izumi would get jealous.
YUKI: Shiki, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m glad a bigger guy like you came here. Most of the other guys here are pretty thin, so the clothing I make ends up… Hm? Oh, yeah. You can take the costumes… They won’t fit anyone else, so… Consider them a gift.
MUKU: Shikisha, you really made me feel like a prince… I’m probably as brave as a lion now, right? All the work you did with us… I really feel like my voice can carry… This time, for sure, I’ll be able to… I can finally…
MISUMI: San-shiki5! Thank you for showing me all of the triangles in music! They’re so exciting! Ting! You’ll come back, right? You still have to show me how you make your triangle art… okay?
KAZUNARI: J-shiki6, you’re the coolest and most chic maestro I’ve ever known! I thought all of you would be a sort of stuck up bunch, but you’re hip just like me. Eh? No, I never thought you were lame! 2000s aesthetics are even cooler now!
KUMON: Shiki-san, wait! I need to know if it’s true–do you know the famous Nagoya Serpents hitter7? …Eh? You do?! Shiki-san… Can you… Get his autograph for me?! I-I know it’s a lot to ask, but… It’d be one last fun thing for the two of us to do…

BANRI: Hey, it’s not fair for you to go! I thought you were supposed to stay at Mankai forever, Shiki. Damn adults like you… Seriously? Yeah, I’ll–I’ll miss you, I guess! Hmph… I just respected the power packed into such a small guy. Ow, hey! Don’t pinch me!
JUZA: Shiki-san, guys like us have to stick together… Eh? You think I’m too young to be saying things like that? Maybe… But thank you for taking care of my family. I owe a lot to you, so… Don’t forget about me.
TAICHI: Shikisha, don’t leave meeee! I still need your advice! How am I going to make it out there in the world without you?! …Ah? I have everything I need? Right… Here? My heart…? Shikisha… I-I’m not crying…!
OMI: Jason-san… you’ll be back at the University8, right? We’ll see each other there–no, you’ve graduated already, haven’t you? …It’s a little lonely there without you, but I haven’t forgotten anything… From the bottom of my heart, I l–... Thank you.
SAKYO: Hmph. You’ve got a lot of gall messing with Tojo9 officials… Just because he’s your “friend” means nothing… …At least you’re not joining the clan. If you ever get stuck… Call me. But only if you’re in real trouble. I don’t do small talk, Jason.
AZAMI: Shiki, thanks for keeping Sakyo off my case. Eh, you think him and I have gotten along better, though? …I guess. But I bet it’s just a fluke. He’ll be right back to it when you go… But this time, I’ll be able to handle it. Thanks.

TSUMUGI: Shiki-san, you’re leaving? It feels like you’ve been here forever, but at the same time, like you haven’t been here long enough… You’ve helped us all so much, though, so thank you. Mankai appreciates everything you’ve done.
TASUKU: Eh, Jason-shiki, you’re going? But we’ve barely had a chance to… Well, nevermind. Hey, remember that play we were in together, and on that last day you were red as a tomato? What was that about? You’ll never tell? Hm… It’ll taunt me forever…
HISOKA: Zzz… Shiki-san…? Leaving? Well… I guess it makes sense. People can’t stay in the same place forever… keep Tojo in check, okay? …You’re not a part of it? I swore you were… Either way, please be safe.
HOMARE: Shikishi, I know it’s a little late, but please, won’t you recite the first part of that play with me? The part of the Chorus? It makes me feel quite at peace. Really? Thank you. Ahem. Two houses, both alike in dignity…
AZUMA: Shiki-san. You’ve been quite the force for good here at Mankai… and after a while here, you started sleeping better too… Ah? Forget I said that last part. Please take care of yourself, wherever you go. Don’t push yourself too hard.
GUY: I never said it, but Shikishi, thank you for believing in my humanity from the beginning. It was stressful, but… being human is a good feeling. Let us sing together again, even if it’s far from here…

ISUKE: Jason-shiki! You’re going?! We’re all going to miss you here… Your voice really pulled all of us into the musical scene, and hopefully we can fund some songs for our plays in the future… So please, come back and help us when the time comes.
KAMEKICHI: Squawk! You’re going?! But Matsukawa doesn’t know the plantain chips I like! Jason-kunnnnnn!!!
KEN: Shiki! Thanks for always helping me… Hehe, you’re sort of like Aniki, you know? Maybe I should call you Aniki?! Ah, no, don’t join our family, you’ve already got one in Tojo, right? Eh? You don’t…? Well, I’ll recommend you, if you ever need somewhere to go…!
TETSURO: …………Thank you, Shiki-san. …………I will care for your baton.
YUZO: Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just because you know Yukio-san’s brother10. Eh? Lighten up?! Why, I oughta… …You’ve got a lot of gall, Jason. But I guess that boldness is what made you fit right in here. So, go on. Get outta here. And good luck.

IZUMI: Jason-san, I’ve learned so much about you and your world… It sounds hectic, but still, thank you for being here. Haha, I almost don’t want you to leave, but… Could you stay for one more night, please? I need to know… everything. If you know something about my father, please… …You’ll tell me? Okay. Let’s go.

  1. Fengo is Jason’s last name. The -shiki (指揮) suffix (title) denotes Jason as a conductor (or conducting in present-tense).
  2. Shikisha (指揮者) is the full title of a conductor, and is one of the ways to refer to a conductor in Japanese.
  3. When shiki (指揮) is spoken, it also sounds like shiki (四季) which means four seasons. Fitting for Mankai as it revolves around seasons, but also a play on Citron’s troubles with Japanese–he misheard conductor as four seasons, thus calling him Season-san.
  4. Chikage is referring to the Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu.
  5. San (三) is three in Japanese. The first part of shiki sounds like shi (四), thus making it a sort of counting pun (three, four). Of course, ki (季) comes right after, making it a bit nonsensical.
  6. The only way to shorten the name Jason would be to drop most of the name, thus resulting in J as a sort of cool nickname to refer to him as.
  7. Kumon is referring to Tatsuo Shinada, former star player of the Nagoya Wyverns.
  8. Omi and Jason went to the same university, where Jason was his upperclassman and gave him math lessons as a tutor.
  9. Sakyo is referring to the Tojo Clan.
  10. Yukio Tachibana, the father of Izumi Tachibana, is the brother of Tetsu Tachibana.