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There are many references in Dante's Inferno. Whether you caught them all or want to double check a few, you've come to the right place!



1. The chapter title is a reference to Alighieri's epic poem Divine Comedy, specifically the first part, Inferno. Compared to the other parts, Purgatorio and Paradiso, this describes Dante's trek through Hell's nine circles, all sectioned off for more grave sins as they go on.

2. ““Eight million, huh?” Tyz thinks about the number. Eight million. Hey, that’s exactly how much money the main character of Sakamoto’s Academy Cabaret Club was in debt.”
Sakamoto’s Academy Cabaret Club is a reference to Ouran High School Host Club, wherein the first plot struggle is the main character knocking over a vase and becoming indebted to the Host Club.

3. “Tyz shakes their head, thinking about what he’s referring to. Quarter Plastic Chemist: Superstar. Yep, they had a thing for that one character, Colt Bolton… that wasn’t what needed to be discussed, though.”
Quarter Plastic Chemist: Superstar is a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and the character Colt Bolton is a direct reference to Roy Mustang, as a “colt” and a “mustang” both refer to a type of horse.

4. ““A rose by any other name would be just as deadly,” Jason muses.”
Jason references “Romeo & Juliet” (Shakespeare 2.2.43-44).

5. “He waves his hands. “Hang in there, princess, I’ll get you out of there!””
Jason references Shrek.

6. ““I don’t want your suggestion if you’re gonna be one of those guys who suggests some low-carb crap because I could “stand to lose a few pounds” or whatever.” Jason furrows his brows up at Asmodeus.”
You could stand to lose a few pounds is a reference to a scene from Heathers, or more specifically, a line from Heathers: The Musical. The line appears during the song “Beautiful”.

7. “Dear God, Jason sent up a silent prayer as he peeled out of the room, make me a bird, so I can fly far; far, far away.
Jason is referencing the movie Forrest Gump, specifically the scene where Forrest and Jenny hide from her father.


1. The chapter title is a reference to music theory and music concepts, wherein there are eight notes, or steps, in any key signature. One example is the key of C, where the steps are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.

2. ““...Yes,” Jason hesitates before answering. Though he had no trust in any demons, he did much prefer to listen to things like school rules in comparison to dying a gruesome, painful death at the hands of a demon. “I’ll obey.””
Jason references the title of the original game, Obey Me!

3. ““Yeah. They had the most awesome Lucky Milkshakes at MobDonald’s. They’d only have them for a month, but man, they were good.””
This is half a reference to a certain limited-time milkshake at a certain fast food establishment, and half a reference to a fictionalization of said restaurant in the anime Mob Psycho 100, as seen here.

4. “My to-be, your body like the staircase to heaven, your breasts like the sun and moon. I think, I shall climb this staircase and take hold of those celestial bodies. May your breasts be like the warm day and the cool night. May the fragrance of your breath carry the winds of Tenol.”
This is a line from the Song of Solomon (7.6-10), most likely interpreted from the King James version or Young’s Literal Translation.

5. ““It’s like an agreement,” Belphegor explains. “They’d be indebted to your control. If a demon makes a pact with you, they must obey you.”
“Obey me,” Jason echoes.”
Jason references the title of the original game again.


1. The chapter title is a reference to the seven cardinal sins, which the demons in Obey Me! are based off.

2. ““Okay.” Luke keeps close to Jason, holding his hand tighter. “Don’t let go.””
This phrase is a vague reference to the historical fiction novel Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go.

3. ““No, those don’t count!” Leviathan shakes his head quickly. “Those ones are on the top ten of all time list!”
“Okay. Gokudo Path, Fuzzy Basketcase--”
Jason references two anime, Way of the Househusband and Fruits Basket, regardless of their popularity.

4. “Lucifer,” Jason mutters under his breath.
“You’re right,” Beelzebub replies. “The morning star is another name for Lucifer.”
Lucifer, in folklore and when used as the uncapitalized Latin term (lucifer), is a reference to the planet Venus.

5. “He watched his step, keeping to one place on the hardwood floor, observing the paintings hung on the wall--pieces he recognized, Ruysch, Degas.”
In Lilith’s room, one can see paintings on the wall, and one visible painting looks very akin to the work of Rachel Ruysch, known for her still life paintings of flowers. As she painted many works with flowers, it’s very difficult to pinpoint which painting exactly that it may be.

6. “He thought about how Lilith came to be condemned by Father, the imposing figure who created Beelzebub, his brothers, his sister, and many, many more. Father. He was a figure draped in a white toga, with long, blond hair, and a full, brush-cut beard. He had piercing, golden eyes, and white skin. Literally, pure white, reflective, like he was carved out of marble. Maybe he was.”
The description is a direct reference to Father from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


1. “That split second spent shaking hands with Diavolo felt like an eternity, like he was trapped in some sort of mystical box, latched tight by the Demon King’s dark claws.”
This line partially references the poem “Satan Says” by Sharon Olds.


1. The chapter title is a reference to the fact that five of the characters are stuck in the catacombs, thus, five in the dark.

2. “An arm and a leg. Literally.” Solomon smiles. “Once knew a guy who did that. He was trying to get his brother back.”
“Did he succeed?”
“Not with the demon’s help!” Solomon chuckles again.
This is a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist, and Edward Elric, the main character, attempting to make a deal with Truth, one of the antagonists, to keep his brother alive. In trade for this deal, Edward lost an arm and a leg.

3. “S-so, like, how do we do the whole… pact thing? Do we like… say a few words? Handshake? Do we have to kiss, like in that one game?”
Jason references Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, where to take care of one of the main conflicts of the game, the player has to kiss the target character, whether on the hand or on the lips.

4. “Soon Tyz and Solomon decide to join the group, sitting next to Mammon and Asmodeus, respectively. Jason stays behind, looking at the layout of the table, being reminded of a famous art piece--The Last Supper, that’s what it was. Which was strange, because the context of that piece was that Jesus was about to say someone would betray him. In fact, from the perspective Jason was looking from, Diavolo was no longer the head of the table--he was two seats to the left of Lucifer. Jason couldn’t remember which disciple sat there, though he probably should have.”
Though described later, two seats to the left of Jesus in The Last Supper sat Judas Iscariot, who addressed Jesus as “rabbi” in the Garden of Gethsemane, revealing his true identity to the temple guards surrounding them in the dark. This darkness is also, unintentionally, a reference back to the title of the chapter.

5. “It’s Queen of the Night Aria. From Die Zauberflöte.” Jason taps his chin. “I didn’t know you knew about human music like that.”
The true title of the piece is “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen”, literally “Hell’s vengeance boils within my heart”. In the context of the opera, the Queen has handed her daughter, Pamina, a knife, and goads her to kill Sarastro, lest she be disowned. Since Diavolo is the one whistling the piece, one could interpret this as another key reveal of his malicious nature, if the multitude of scenes implying he manipulated Lucifer and others didn’t convince.


1. The chapter title is a reference to the 4/4-time signature, an extremely common time signature, utilized in most pop music.

2. “"Judas was two seats to the left of Jesus, eh?" Jason taps his forehead, remembering a funny, short video about Jesus being brought gifts, and Judas brought myrrh… myrrh-der! "Judas sold his buddy Jesus out."”
Jason is thinking of this Vine.

3. ““Just like a gate,” Tyz nods, thinking of a game Jason once told them about.”
In the aforementioned game Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, there are 23 gates spread throughout Tokyo, allowing transport between worlds, much like the magic seals that are spoken about in the text.

4. “No way
This is just like Champion Counsel
You know that game i got obsessed with

Champion Counsel is a reference to the Ace Attorney series, wherein the main character is a lawyer who has to defend his clients from wrongful convictions, attempting to get a “not guilty” verdict at the end of the day.

5. “Yeah it was just like i was the protagonist
Cusith Winn
The name Cusith Winn is a reference to the main character of Ace Attorney’s name, specifically his English name, Phoenix Wright. Cù Sìth is a Scottish mythological dog which helps guide spirits to the afterlife, mirroring the Phoenix, which is associated with rebirth. The last name “Winn” is obviously meant to sound like “win”, much like how “Wright” sounds like “right”. Phoenix Wright is also sometimes called Nick, as a shortening or derivative of Phoenix, and in the next part of the text, Cusith Winn is referred to as Seth, though it is far from a derivative of Cusith—Cù Sìth is pronounced “cushii”—it may be a reference to the Egyptian deity Set, spelled in Greek as Seth.


1. “Where Jason had an experience like a crime-riddled beat-em-up, Tyz was taking the route of a dating sim.”
This is in reference to the respective duo’s favorite types of games.

2. ““You texted me, and I quote, PREPARE FOR A BOMBSHELL, so I’ve been a little nervous that you’re going to blow us all up.”
“Oh, please. Do I look like an emotionally disturbed teen in a trenchcoat? I’m better than that.” Jason waves him off. “Anyways, I got questions.””
Jason references his character and unfortunate name origin, Jason “J.D.” Dean from Heathers. Part of J.D.’s master plot is to plant a bomb in the high school he and his crush go to and let it go to ruin.

3. ““Et tu, Tyz.” Jason smiles a little before he stands, gathering his best friend in a hug. Tyz hugs right back.”
Jason quotes the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, specifically the scene where Caesar discovers his close friend and confidant Brutus is among the assassinators. To this day, the phrase “et tu, Brute” or other replacements of the name is associated with someone experiencing a betrayal from a close friend.

4. ““Hey. Do you know the game that goes with this candy?”
“What is it?”
“It’s called Bite The Eel. Basically, both people put one end of the candy in their mouths and try to eat as much as they can before the other.” Beelzebub smiles, candy still hanging out of his mouth. “Wanna try?””
This is a reference to the Pocky game, where two players bite at a Pocky snack between them and try to be the last one hanging on to the snack. The game often results in a kiss between the two if they’re able to meet in the middle.

5. ““Hey, wanna make a pact?” Jason presents it so plainly, as if he were discussing the weather.
“O-oh. Um. Hm.” Beelzebub stopped, frozen in place. “I-I’ve never… done that before.”
“It’s real easy.” Jason nods.
“Are you sure? It’s my first time… it might be… too hard.”
“It’s fine. It’s supposed to be like that, I think. It’s only meant for special people.””
This slightly erotic and possibly overheard as inappropriate exchange is in reference to the “elevator scene” from Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, wherein the main character, Junpei, is confused by his crush’s commentary about how she’ll get “wet” if they go in the elevator. It’s not that the two would be doing anything illicit in the elevator—it’s that if they go down a level, the elevator will be flooded, as the lower floors of the area they’re in have been flooded with water.

6. ““That sounds like it should be my line.” Jason laughs, releasing a little tension he didn’t realize he was holding. “Don’t leave any unfinished business, this is the final boss, the final cutscene…””
This is a direct reference to how the Yakuza series handles its endings. When you approach the final few hours/cutscenes/battles of the game, you’re warned, both by the character you speak with before the end and with confirmation boxes, that this is your last chance to move freely about the city, complete side quests, and do other activities before the game ends. You can postpone this ending as long as you want to do as you please, but after you confirm, you have to finish the game to the credits.

7. ““I kind of wish the demons were a bit more harmless, though. Like they need to go bald and grow a big bushy ‘stache. And then adopt a human kid as a grandson.””
This is a reference to Sullivan from Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! who appears as described in this passage. He also adopts the main character, Iruma Suzuki, and allows him to go to school in the demon world.

8. “I wanna leave you with my current fave
Latin phrase that's been getting me through
all these exam practices
"Tu fui, ergo eris."
The entire passage is in reference to a specific line from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. “Tu fui, ergo eris” is the line that is placed upon a gravestone. The text means: “What you are, I was; What I am, you will be.” By being placed on a gravestone, the meaning it takes is this: “I once used to be alive like you, and one day you will be dead like me.” The reveal of the person resting under that gravestone takes the line to a literal meaning, though, being the cloned body of someone in the main cast.

9. “Hit up that green haired hyperactive chick that's in
all our classes for study prep
She knows everything

This firstly references Clara Valac as the “green haired hyperactive chick”, who, decidedly, is not very good in academics. As a demon, it makes sense she would appear in demon classes. Secondly, this finishes off what some people consider the full quote from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward—making the full line this: “I was you, will be me, she knows everything.” These are the words on the monitor in the Security Room puzzle. To escape the room, you must shut off the monitors displaying “she knows everything” and arrange to spell out “I was you / Will be me”. To get the secret from the room, you must do the inverse—shut off the monitors displaying “I was you / Will be me” and arrange to spell out “she knows everything”. The meaning of “she knows everything” would reference the character who entirely crafted the events of Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward to happen the way that they did.


1. The chapter title is a reference to the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Much like the Devildom and the Celestial Realm in the story, Dickens’s novel starts off by describing a dichotomy, yet haunting similarity between two places. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

2. “Ninth Hour was a board game that Lord Diavolo insisted upon playing every Saturday night, and this Saturday night was no different as he gleefully watched his piece move across the two-foot radius hexagonal board. The game board deposited him a card, which he promptly read out loud.
“At this junction, all teams have come to the deadly game. You are the player who has the opportunity to kill this round. Other players will bet on whether you kill, and if you do, who you will kill. Good luck.” Diavolo clapped. “Well, this should be interesting, right?””
The game Ninth Hour is a reference to the game Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and the self-contained “game” within it, aptly titled the Nonary Game. Unlike that Nonary Game, this game appears to be more of a mix between Werewolf or Mafia and Clue (also called Cluedo).

3. “Elapsam semel occasionem non ipse potest Iuppiter reprehendere… once the opportunity slips away, not even Jupiter can grasp it again… meaning I totally missed your call and I feel terrible about it, really. Leave me a message.
In Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, the deuteragonist Phi wears a brooch with the Latin message above inscribed on it: “elapsam semel occasionem non ipse potest Iuppiter reprehendere”. Translated, it means “not even Jupiter can find a lost opportunity”. Jupiter is the most powerful of all the Roman gods, but even he cannot turn back time to change his choices. It’s an ironic line in the game, considering much of the plot is about changing your options to solve problems, but comes from both Phi and Jason in a place of shame.

4. ““It’s not exactly reincarnation the way you’re imagining,” Lilith giggles. “There are bits and bobs of every soul floating around everywhere, all the time… so, one person is not only themselves, but also a culmination of their own history and the history of others. I’ve had a lot of names. Josiah, Edel, Mercurius, Filibe, Ashana, Kazuma, just to name a few. I think pretty recently I was part of a woman named Mia.””
Lilith is implied to have been reincarnated into multiple human forms. Aside from historical names, like Josiah, Edel, and others, Kazuma may have been a reference to Asougi Kazuma from The Great Ace Attorney (despite the Kazuma here taking the last name Kaneko), and Mia becomes a reference to Mia Fey from Ace Attorney.

5. ““But debt is debt. What really matters is… I’unno, it’s somethin’ about the human world. I got this faint memory. I think it was from when I was an angel.” He pauses. “Yeah, I was in the human world, and… I saw this… butterfly, I think you call it. It was blue! The damn thing was bluer than blue. I couldn’t help but follow it. I think I followed it for hours.””
Mammon dreams of a butterfly. Or is his life a dream?

6. ““Then your family’s still there.” Jason closes his eyes. “It’s not over.””
Jason was blown away, what could he say? It all seemed to make sense. Someone’s taken away everything—and he can’t deal with that. He tries to see the good in life, but good things in life are hard to find.

7. ““God, I feel like I got hit with a double dose of Soporil after waking up from cryosleep,” he uses the furniture to keep himself propped up.”
Soporil Beta is the highly effective sedative that makes an appearance in all the games in the Zero Escape series. Cryosleep is also a part of the games, specifically making its appearance in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward as a crude method of long-term self-preservation.

8. ““HOLD IT!” The voice commanded, a finger pointed out towards the brothers to make them back away. “You--you fools are acting like the only thing that mattered about Tyz is that they’re related to Lilith!””
Jason objects to the doting that the brothers put upon his best friend the only way he knows how. Well, maybe more than one way, but…

9. “Lucifer’s ruby eyes, like precious gemstones, met his first, then came the others--Mammon’s blue-yellow eyes, a gradient at sea amongst foam; Leviathan’s orange eyes, a warning sign in his midnight hair; Satan’s green-yellow eyes, a bolt of lightning striking the valley below; Asmodeus’s pink eyes, a rare rose in a field of daisies; Beelzebub’s violet eyes, tiredness in the form of starry nights; and finally, Belphegor’s lavender eyes, similar to his twin, but full of hunger from finally being awoken, snapping out of the freeze caused by the seal.”
There is no need to fear compound sentences.

10. ““I’ll explain what I can on the way.” Jason sighed, rubbing his eyes. “God, what happened here… even Jupiter can’t seize a lost opportunity. No taking back what I did. Hope I didn’t screw up.””
That was not a smart move, Jason. We won’t forget this. We’ll make sure you pay… even if it’s the last thing we do.

11. ““...Now it is time for you to sleep,” Diavolo muttered. “When next you wake… hopefully you won’t remember any of this.”
The world went dark for Lucifer as the last of his strength faded from his body.
“Pleasant dreams.””
Plaudite; acta esta fabula.


1. The chapter title is either a reference to the Styx album of the same name or the celestial event.

2. "“Well, only as long as it took me to get back down there, you know. So, what, ten minutes? It felt like I was gone for ages, though. I had some kind of… dream? No.” Jason shakes his head. “It was more tangible than a dream. It was a vision. It was… it was me, floating somewhere between waking and sleep.”"
Jason swears he's somewhere between dream and reality.

3. "“Catch me if you can… Lord Diavolo.”"
Jason is not a Moriarty, nor related to the Moriarty family, thankfully.

4. "Tyz smiles. “Of course I do. He’s my best friend, after all.”
“Like Sherlock and Moriarty.”
“Oh, I read those stories… weren’t they rivals, though?”
“Still inseparable.”
Yet again, neither of them are related to these aforementioned historical fiction figures.

5. "“I did it for the fleeting length of my life, especially considering my situation right now,” Jason continues looking into Lucifer’s eyes. “Mors certa, hora incerta.”"
A Latin quote: "Death is certain; its hour, uncertain." Despite being the protagonist and a "good guy", many of Jason's actions point to him having negative impacts on the plot in many aspects. Yes, indeed. Life is simply unfair.

6. "“Jason,” Lucifer coughs. Jason’s words reinvigorated his will to stand up and live, even if only for a bit longer. Those words, the kiss--it felt like a temporary exchange of energy. Lucifer clutched his stomach, hand over the wound caused earlier by Diavolo, letting the fiery element inside of him crackle and burn over the flesh."
There's a man in Amestris who can't seem to lay down and die.

7. "“No we’re not,” Jason cries. “I… I’m not!”"
There's the song of a fiddle we've heard over two years ago!

8. "“I’ve changed.” The air smells of shame and burning flesh. “I’m not as sure as when I started.”"
Then, inspired: Now, sad and tired...

9. "“It’ll just keep… looping… over, and over, and over…” Diavolo’s voice is quiet now, a stark contrast from his usually loud self. “‘It’s all… a lie… it’s all…”"
It's all a confusing map of time.

10. "Tyz thinks back on all the times Jason had avoided them before. Not out of malice, he admitted later on, but just out of fear. He’d lost a lot from simply existing and being himself, and to protect himself, he put walls around his heart. No, it was more like a cage–Jason saw everything outside, and people might be able to see in, but they couldn’t enter the cage, nor could they reach inside and touch. He kept himself distant. Tyz understood, of course. But they only wanted to help."
I didn't want to lose you, just like that time... just like that blue bird.

11. "“Let’s say I have the power to rewrite memories. To make people forget.” Diavolo looks up at Jason. “Would you be able to connect the dots now?”"
Between quotes and abilities, Diavolo and Jason are unfortunately connected by one digit.

12. "“Smart humans taste the best, you know.”"
What is this, a Premium Farm?

13. "This was the beginning of the final throw."
I remember the sound of the wind. The tree branches scraping the roof, like people whispering. I had only one thing in mind: one place to be. Like you could fly, if you had the wings. ... I had only one place to be.


1. The chapter title "Exodus" is a reference to The Exodus, the tale of how Moses came to be and grew to hear the voice of God and release the Israelites from enslavement.

2. "“I had no choice!” Simeon pleads. “I–I was commanded. Let this happen. Guide the spirits back to us at the end, and we will give them their own ideal reality.”
“Ideal… reality?”"
There's a doctor who wanted to gift an ideal reality first.

3. "“His skin is marble-white, almost glassy. He has long, golden hair, and he wears a pure-white silk drapery. And he sits upon the Throne-On-High.”"
There's a reason why he's named "Father".

4. "“Not so simple, though, hm, especially if you can’t enter his domain.” Azazel hummed at the predicament before he pulled off his hood, revealing… A goat’s head. He had fluffy golden hair that cascaded down into brownish fur, with a white muzzle. His horns were a creamy yellow, and he smiled as he looked at each person."
Azazel's true form has finally been revealed...

5. "If there was no such thing as good or evil, how could one dictate what was right and what was wrong?"
Not one or the other, I am, I was, I will be...

6. "“If Lilith was cast away for helping, that means your judgment, your justice is totally wrong,” Belphegor growled."
Case closed. This is how your "justice" ends.

7. "“I’ve decided,” Simeon shouted over the noise. “I’m going to defend you. I’ll fight with everything I’ve got.”"
I refuse to believe that she's the killer!

8. "“Are you watching, Lilith?” Beelzebub whispered to himself as the wind whipped at his face."
My days as a long-nosed doll are over!

9. The chapter title "Vagrant" is a reference to the biblical idea of a vagrant. A vagrant is a vagabond or wanderer; someone without a set home or community, going from place to place, often aimlessly.

10. "Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, and Barbatos were mostly silent as they trekked their way to what Diavolo called The Hole. Apparently, it was an impossibly-deep crater in the ground of the Devildom that the true king, Delta, slept in."
The Hole is a prominent place in a human realm, where non-Magic users reside. But here, it's a place where Diavolo's father, Delta, resides.

11. "“It seems like fate is changing,” Barbatos lilted. “So, let’s see where this line takes us, shall we?”"
If only you could turn back time whenever things went wrong.

12. "“You trash of society,” Leviathan hissed as he found the base of one of the tendrils and coiled around it like a constrictor."
Now, let's see you drop dead one at a time...

13. "“To put it simply,” Barbatos tilts his head, “I’m one hell of a butler.” He winks, and Tyz swears there’s a glint of red and pink in his irises, almost serpentine in nature, but it dissipates quickly."
Wait, those eyes are familiar, aren't they?

14. "“Yeah. I called it psyncing, for PSY-chological Neural Connecting. But it wasn’t really a good name that anyone liked, so I just call it dream communication now.”"
Sounds like a task for the Advanced Brain Investigation Squad.

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