I'm a writer of poetry and I do a lot of it. I hate self-post poetry websites, especially the one that made me comment on other peoples' posts before I could post my own, it felt so disingenuous that I deleted my account about an hour after making it. That's mostly the reason I made this website, so I had a place where I could host my poetry without any borders.

Currently under construction as I figure out the best way to host all of these.

Format is DATE (MM/YY), NAME, listed in newest > oldest order

3/24 Something inside of me is wrong but I still try
1/24 Please Stop, You're Hurting Me
12/23 Lovers of Eden
4/23 Watching the End of the World With the Man Who Caused It
4/23 Glad I Met You.
4/23 Photograph at Dusk
3/23 Ride On, Cowboy
1/23 Lions Don't Live in Greece
1/23 Audite Caelestis
12/22 Cut Me at the Cord, then Cite Your Sources
12/22 Cycle
11/22 When I Get Old, I Want to Go Somewhere Beautiful
10/22 A Letter to My Past Self (But Please Don't Be Upset)
8/22 Out and Away
7/22 Tiger's Eye
6/22 Apocryphal Adoration
4/22 One Night
4/22 Dream of My Own Advice
12/21 Nine-Hundred Ninety-Nine Ouroboros
12/21 Diogenes Fails His Math Exam
11/21 Gloss
11/21 Flight of the Female Character
09/21 UNTITLED; "Maya Fey slam poetry"
09/21 If He's Apollo, You Must Be…
09/21 The Waiting Game
09/21 Just For Now
08/21 Sequences
08/21 Storybook
08/21 The Childhood Best Friend Always Takes Precedence
08/21 Conversations with the Woman You're Not Supposed to Fall For
08/21 You May Find Yourself
08/21 Happy Ending
07/21 Switch(Blade)
07/21 Little Girls
07/21 One Day
05/21 Patricide
04/21 Who Are We? Where Are We Going?
04/21 Sky
03/21 Grenadine
02/21 Accidents
02/21 Mefistofeles (How dare I want?)
01/21 Dedication in Heated Tinsel
01/21 Shrapnel
11/20 Lessons: Gang & Spontaneity
11/20 I knew him
07/20 The Searching
07/20 Master Key
05/20 Collect Your Consolation Prize